About us

Take a talented chef, a bucolic setting and a menu comprised almost entirely of local produce and you’ve got all the ingredients for this culinary adventure called Gastronomade Canada.


Our concept of organizing these nomads dinners in interesting locations reflect our main goal that is to bring  guests out to the field to meet part of the people who produce the food on their plates.

The banquets unite a hundred or so diners around a long table for meals that are created using produce sourced from within a few miles of the location, and cooked by notable chefs.

Our mission is to provide a memorable outdoor dining experience where people can see directly the people and stories behind the food on their plate.


Gastronomade is in its fourth season of farm events in Brazil, the first Latin American country to host events of this nature. Since 2012, we have done 38 events across 9 brazilian estates and in Uruguay. Another 12 are planned until the end of this year.


2015 is the year we debut in Canada and we are excited to have this happen!